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Welcome to! This site is the product of all my work, thoughts, and inspiration brought together to let you see who I am, what I’m about, and just how much I love to write! New stuff on my Facebook page to the right (don’t forget to “Like” it!), or you can check out my blog under the “News” heading in the title menu. Be sure to leave me a comment on my Guestbook before you leave!

Being an author is a sketchy business. There’s always someone else who has more publications, more skill, more fans… It’s hard to compete! So this is the part when I tell you what/who I am, and you decide what priority I can take in your blog reading list. I’ll just pray it’s quite lofty!

So this is me:
Light within the Darkness, Hope within the Pit.
—call it my mantra, my tagline, my theme—whatever you like.

I love to write science-fiction and fantasy fiction, and Once upon a time… I would have told you that was my genre, though now I’m not so sure. I’ve grown up writing whenever I could, pouring out the things I saw onto paper. There’s always been stories developing in the back of my mind, and they’ve usually been quite broad in genre, ranging from light-hearted fantasies, to dark science fiction. However, I have recently realized that I have taken a different turn, a turn to horror. The longer, I live the darker my work seems to get (I know, I know, just die, Mister Bane, before it gets any worse)—I don’t think so. Even in the heart of corruption and Shadow there’s still honour, nobility, courage; and it’s that speck of light that I write for.

It is my dream to travel the world and see the places I write about. For the most part, and since I am writing ficticiously about a future that will never be, the internet (primarily google maps) is enough to capture a feel for what the landscape could look like in, oh say 150 odd years. But it never feels like quite enough. I sometimes can’t help the feeling that I’m ripping off someone elses land, someone elses culture by changing it to fit my needs. Therefore, one day it is my plan to actually travel the world and see with my own eyes the things I want to write about (at this moment I am working on drafting ADS IX, which takes place mostly on the Carretera Federal 180D west of Cancun City. How fantastic would it be if I were actually able to drive from Cancun to Campeche!).

My purpose is to change someone’s life for the better—and even if it’s just one, that’s good enough for me. I’m sure someone somewhere can take home something from my work, and if not then I suppose it may be time to hang up my fiction pencil and take a new approach for my next novel: The Life and Death of AD Bane>roll film.

My views on writing:
I write. I love what I write. My work is my art. There’s nothing I love so much as a well-polished story that inspires me to be who I am, and any story written on inspiration and motivational guidance has the potential to be exactly that. I believe in inspiration, I believe in fairytales, I believe in dragons, I believe in demons and Shadow, and most importantly: I believe that EVERYONE can be GREAT if they PUT THEIR MIND TO IT.

Other Stuff:
Of course you can read about my entire career, short as it may be, in my Autobiography, but if want more by me, I’m gonna let you know where to find it—>right here. No not in that exact spot on this exactly page. There’s only four letters there, and they aren’t that exciting. I mean my site—THIS site. It’s full of stuff that hasn’t found its way into grande, money-making schemes yet. Take a step over to The Universe, if you haven’t already, and take a look at A Darker Shadow and Whispers. They’re my ongoing series that will eventually find their way into ebook and paperback formats, but for now, and until their arcs are fully written, they are available here for free! Of course don’t forget to tell me what you think, and keep in mind that I’m a meagre author on an author’s salary (or the lack thereof) and cannot afford such conveniences as editors and proofreaders for all my work (if you find yourself feeling quite strongly about this then please feel free to donate). If you too are working with what you have, then shut it and don’t complain—I’m doing my best!

The Internal Universe:
One last thing: it’s called ‘The Universe’ instead of ‘Home’ for a reason. Years ago when I realized I wanted to write seriously, I began to craft a story called SHIFT. Since then I have created many many stories, but they all still share a common element: they’re all part of the same internal, fictional universe: my universe, which is constantly expanding and evolving to allow new ideas and new stories—1,300 years of stories, actually—and SHIFT is at the very core of it; always had been. SHIFT is my magnum opus, you would say. It is the one story that I prize above all others for its uniqueness and creativity (perhaps I’m just being conceited; you can be the judge of that). I’ve never read, seen, or heard another story quite like it! (if you have, then label it as unhappy coincidence and move on).

That said, Please feel welcomed to and the internal universe of SHIFT!


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