The Man Who Couldnt Die

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He’d signed up to serve his country. Do the right thing. Save the world from terror. They’d said he could help. The troops were going into Jordan because the British wasteland was still fresh in their memories: they didn’t want to repeat the mistakes of the past. The glamour of war took him to the front lines where he thought he was fighting to make a difference in the world. But when things went wrong and he came home only half the man he’d been when he went away, Auden Lambert gave up on life.


Behind the story

He began his life as a minor character in the manuscript for another book. In that story, a mercenary working for a secret government agency fell into a world of monsters and mayhem where he encountered an elite team of monster hunters led by a man whose immortality – though not invulnerability – left him badly disfigured. He introduced himself as Carieth. His friends regarded him as a man of firm resolve and unshakeable reason, and the metal implants that had been used to recreate his wounded body were the only testament they needed to prove his experience in dealing with a chaotic life. Years later, after the original manuscript had been long-since lost, I found a page of notes I’d written for the book with extensive information on Carieth’s character. Intrigued by possible circumstances that had brought him to that point, I started writing another story about a war-torn veteran. I titled it “Carieth’s Story” and, though it was quickly completed and shelved, here I am years later revisiting it. There’s more to this story, I think, and I intend to find it.