She never left my mind. Ever was she there, creeping in the shadows, preying on my thoughts. Her voice still is fresh on my mind, even though it has been four or five years since that day. Her last words were like an echo that never ended. I can see her as she was when I had gotten home that night, sitting there waiting for me, not knowing the events to come.

“How was work, my dear?” she asked. But I only looked at her—or almost through her. “Is everything alright?” Still no reply. My hand shaking violently, reached into my coat pocket. Never had I seen her this worried, but it was for all the wrong reasons. I pulled out a rose and put it into a vase. I turned on music. Still she had no idea. She walked over to me, hugged me, told me she loved me. As do I. The thought was there, but I couldn’t say a word. Then there was a gasp. She had so much pain in her eyes. The warmth rushing down on my hands, tears running down both our faces, her limp body in my arms—I laid her down and fell into a seat. Hours passed by, The silence was almost too much to bare.

I jumped up with gun in hand. Searching for what had made the crash.

“Calm down.” said a familiar voice. “We have a job for you.”

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