Blessed Finale

I have heard from different authors where and when they find are best for writing, due to distraction level, and the amount of ingenuity that one finds in their surroundings. And I believe I have stated this before, but for me it is in the dead of night with a computer screen before me and an empty and silent house about me. Well, I have reaffirmed that theory to myself. As of 5:30 this morning I have written the finale for Shift.

Last night I began to write with the goal of completing the next section, or at the least a few good pages. I would have been happy with that much. But as I lingered in the dark with the computer before me I came to realize that I would not be getting sleep anytime soon. I simply could not put it away, and even when I had tried my mind was still racing with thoughts of what I could still write, things I could record, and I worried that if I did not write them down then, I would have forgot them by morning. And I did, I wrote them all down at a serious expense of my sleep time. And, to show for it, Shift is done after nearly a year of writing. And I could not be more pleased.

But do not think that this means the end of it by any means. Oh, for certain no. Indeed there is still great amounts of work to be put it, major revamping, editing, cutting, spell checking, addings.. Right now it is at 239 pages and 150 thousands words, which, if you didn’t know already, is well beyond the length of most novels. But my mind is already working, going over what I recall, looking for things that add only time and nothing more.

I have also decided to change the chapter structure. It used to be a simple division of parts (thirteen to be precise), and each part into three sections, but now that I have reached the end, I am beginning to realize that this division will not work well, especially when once I begin cutting and editing.