Fighting the Demon update

Admittedly Fighting the Demon is taking much longer to finish than I had originally hoped for. My goal was to have it up on and by about this time so that all of you could be downloading your own copies, but due mostly to a shortage of options, things haven’t been getting done—and what I mean by that is it hasn’t come back from my proofreaders.

But that’s okay. I realize now that I can’t expect other people, who have their own schedules, to work on mine if I’m not going to pay them.

But what does this mean for Fighting the Demon? Well it’s not going to be coming around yet, that’s for sure.

I’m left with few options, because without money there’s no such thing as professional editing, or professional cover design, or interior design for that matter, and if I spent all my time waiting on people who have agreed to help me for free, all my time would be waiting. Unfortunately, I can’t print books on hopes and dreams.

So I’ve come to it. Without help there’s nothing for free. Would you be willing to put in time or money to make Fighting the Demon a reality?

On another thought, I have considered the possibility of print on demand, but again—and more evenso than an eBook—print on demand wants quality, and that requires professional editing and cover art, as well as professional writing, and as I’ve said these things cost. But it can be done. Scott Sigler did it beautifully. He talks about it here. Print on demand powered by pre-sales.

Then I’d like to pose a new question. If I were to print Fighting the Demon would YOU pre-buy a copy?