Lizzie and the Gabbatrox

“That is a wonderful plate of codfish!” said Lizzie. And it was a wonderful plate of codfish, all green and sparkling in the light of the lantern that swung from the ceiling of the mound, and when she touched it, it shimmered like the pond in the garden when Robby threw a rock into it.

That was how it began. That once paragraph came to me, and I wrote it down at once, realizing it might hold some importance, even though it may seem quite random out of context! I proceeded to spend the better part of that day (Sunday, Feb 13th) in furious concentration trying to get the story from my head into the open blank document before me. And it did take all day.

I am pleased to announce the release of the piece that came of all that work, entitled: Lizzie and the Gabbatrox [Gab-uh-trohks], coming Friday the 18th!