March 13, 2011

Well, I’ve been seeing a few off weeks. I wonder why that would be…? Maybe a little more xbox than usual, or perhaps just too lazy, or too social, or hangit I don’t know. But, even though I have not been making regular uploads, that doesn’t mean there isn’t work happening from time to time. Yes, even when I am at my laziest I still occasionally find time to spill out a few thoughts onto paper.

This is what’s going on right now.

Next up is a new short called A Light in the Night, a followup to Lizzie and the Gabbatrox. It has been in the works for a week now, and, I am somewhat ashamed to say, it has taken precedence upon others that have been waiting much longer. I hope to have it out by Friday the 18th.

Whispers: Chapter 2 is to follow, and I hope it will follow soon after. It has taken up space in my taskbar for quite some time now. I have spent no measurable amount of time struggling with it, and I, as of yet, have no solid answer to my dilemma. But, I hope to have one soon, and may perhaps be able to bring it to light by Friday the 25th. Also along with it will come the second entry H. Malakhi, and the first entry Dear Marie.

A Darker Shadow VIII: The Girl From Cancun will be next in line to follow Whispers, and, while I have not started it, I have spent much time and on thought on it so I hope it will play out quickly and painlessly (more than I can say for Whispers).

There may be others. When things come to me I write them down, and yes, I know that unpredictable is not always good, but that is how it goes. If you don’t use it, you lose it. But in the meantime, that is what I hope can be expected, and I hope all is well expected!