My Answer

I woke up this morning wondering how I should go about organizing my day (I mean, frick, Me organize? I don’t even know what the word means! Usually, I role out of bed, play some WoW, play some Xbox, maybe throw down a few words floating around in my head in hopes that they will amount to something later on, but organize? Pffft!) Well, I’m intent on changing that. I know that an organized day=a productive day, and so I set about mentally jotting down a to-do list. First up, I wanted to format my first eBook, so I ignored the itch to play WoW, left my Xbox comfortably silent, and went instead to the Smashwords Style Guide–a fantastic guide to formatting eBooks. I stayed with it (and that may be the hardest thing I’ve done all week!), and now I can say that I’ve formatted my first eBook (thanks to the help of my fantastic brother, Carson, and his brilliant edits.)

Second on my to-do list was to work out a promotional cover for A Dark Shadow with the ultimate intention of integrating it into my Facebook profile picture. Well, I can’t say it has been successfully integrated; I ran into compatibility issues with my current display picture. But I can say that, with a little help from my favorite image editing software, it’s done and its on Facebook (you can see it on my page. It isn’t much, but its a start!)

The third item on my list is really quite simple; I wanted to do some blog-trolling, find some good, helpful stuff, leave a few comments, and come away feeling a little more fulfilled than I did before. Well, I can now say that too is done! And in the process of blog-trolling, I happened upon an article that was sent to me (thanks Jesse! :D) some time ago. I read it at the time, but I decided to go back and read it again, and one point in particular stood out to me:  ‘Your platform is your brand is your voice.’ Brilliant, huh? (thanks to Justine Musk for that). And that couldn’t be more true. Jesse has been telling me the same thing; that I got to get out there and see what’s what and make people notice me (which is why I decided to do some blog-trolling at all!) So I began to wonder, what is my brand, and how can I make it echo my voice? Well, on that note, I’m stumped. I mean, sure my brand is my work, my platform’s this here blog, and my voice is whatever rubbish I choose to write, but how can I make it all come together and work FOR me so that I can focus on one thing at a time and not get bogged down with it all? Well, now if you hadn’t noticed, I’ve come full circle. The answer is simple: Organize! Make the most of what time I have, get myself going an hour earlier and just spend time getting to know the world that is my platform is my brand is my voice. Make it happen, make it work; that is the answer; I am the answer.