New Short Story: The Crow

Earlier this year I began writing a stand-alone horror story set in the world of Michael and his demons. My Word document was titled “New ADS 2018” from the beginning, leading to some ambiguity, even to myself. It quickly just became “that new ghost story”. But I’ve been dropping teasers for it, and speculation has been mounting. Have you been curious? A New story about Michael? Something about a crow? A girl, and her father haunted?

Now, after 8 months, here is the first part. Straight from me to you! I hope you enjoy. Feel free to share or comment, and if you like it, please be sure to subscribe to my Patreon feed so you will have access to Part Two. It will be coming out in a few weeks, so don’t wait!

If you don’t like reading, I’m working on a podcast version. You can follow me on Facebook or Twitter for updates.