Sneak Peak

Here’s a bit of what’s coming next. Look for more soon!
“Lacey was only nine years old, but nine is old enough to know better when an adult tells you something that isn’t true. And Lacey had heard all kinds of thing that weren’t true. For example, Lacey knew when her father told her he was going on a business trip he wasn’t really going on a business trip. She also knew when her mother told her Uncle George had moved to Paris, Uncle George hadn’t really moved to Paris. And so, when Lacey came down to the kitchen one morning to find Mother sitting before the fire with tears in her eyes, and had asked Mother what was wrong, and Mother said, “Oh, nothing, Darling. Do please go and put water on the stove,” Lacey knew at once that something was very terribly wrong. But though Lacey knew something was wrong, she didn’t learn for some time what it really, truly was. Little did she know her life was about to change in ways she never could’ve imagined.”
-The Wind Through the Worlds