The Emperor’s Sorrow

Title: The Emperor’s Sorrow
Date: 2011-01-14

There is a story I have for some time now wanted to tell. It is the Tale of the Evari and the Emperor’s Sorrow. Many times I have wondered how best to record it, and many times I have come to terms with the realization that some things come only in time, and not when I think that they should. But now at last it has indeed come, and so I am very pleased to announce this new informative piece entitled, The Emperor’s Sorrow.

In the writing of this piece, I found it necessary also to include some information regarding the beginning of the Light and the Shadow, and this is very relevant when concerned with the Tale of the Evari in explaining from whence they came, and why they bear their curse, and yet I still somehow feel that I have done little justice. I pray only that what justice I have done is enough, and so I hope you look forward to and enjoy The Emperor’s Sorrow!