The Man Who Couldn’t Die

“When they’d sent him home they’d told him he was a hero. That’s how it was then: you went away to war, you got shot to pieces or blown up; if you lived you were a hero, and if you died you were forgotten. Lucky hero then. But he didn’t feel like one. He felt like a corpse.”

-The Man Who Couldn’t Die


A war hero. A man who can’t die. A secret organization with a malicious agenda. A soldier abandoned by his country. Sound like a good idea?

I’ve been bouncing back and forth between various projects for awhile. One day I’m designing cover art for ADS, the next I’m editing The Wind Through the Worlds; then I find myself lying awake at night thinking about something completely unrelated. And this just being what fits in between the rest of life. What I haven’t been doing is blogging, and that may be detrimental. But I’ve been doing something. Here’s what I’ve been working on:

I wrote a short story several years ago that never made it out. I’ve edited it and am making it available because, due to positive reception, it’s now got a sequel – a part two. If this story keeps going it may become a book. Either way, I’ve got plans for more chapters, and I’m going to release each part as it comes.

Check it out here!