The Mindless Rambling of an Imbecile

Well, as it happens, I’ve found myself in the midst of a perfectly wonderful weekend with a clean-ish, quiet, empty house, all the time in the world, and no motivation to do anything with it. So, up until now, I’ve spent almost all of it sitting on my butt watching Firefly and playing vintage video games. Great weekend, right? Well, now that I’m sitting in the kitchen waiting for my overly-large pancake to cook through, I’m beginning to find the motivation I need, I think (you know how these things are; they comes and go, and when they go they leave you grovelling in the dirt, begging them to come back, kinda like when your dog ran away…). The short and simple of it is, now I’m here, I’ve got all kinda of ideas, and I’m just going to hope that I can get some of them up under the domain before they flee my scattered thoughts.

First of all, I’ve had the third installment to Lizzie and the Gabbatrox drafted on my computer for several weeks now (far too long, to be honest), and I think it’s about time it finally saw the light of day. It shouldn’t take more than another read-through for me to realize that I’ve been sitting on probably-not-quite-gold-but-bronze-at-least—something wonderful, anyhow—and after that it’s merely a few quick edits, and it should be available.

Secondly, all new content is becoming available to free registered members of Why? I simply don’t have the time to keep up with a membership site. It’s going to have to speak for itself, and anyway, what a membership site really needs is users, and those must come from readers, and if there’s not enough readers, then there just isn’t enough users. Plain and simple. So, if you haven’t already read ADS: IX, look for it soon!
(Note: membership will still be needed, but it will be totally free, or your money back.)

Okay, enough of that garbage. Who really cares about what I’m doing anyway, right? It’s not like anyone actually GOES to anyhow… Heh.. Those that do CERTAINLY don’t like to leave comments… You know, it’s a funny thing, people (myself included) expect so much from others, but we aren’t willing to step in ourselves and do the work. Until someone proves me wrong, I’m convinced that this can be chalked up to the weightlessness of the gray matter we all think so highly of.

Anyway, the day is still young and I must—Ah, and that would be the smell of my pancake burning…