Whispers: Chapter One

Whispers: Chapter One


On a hot summer morning, a man walks into a diner with a story that must be told…

“You better tell me what you want,” said the stranger at once, his attention all but gathered now.

“I want you to listen,” said Leon.

Whispers began as a series I wrote some time ago about a town that was taken in by darkness. For inspiration, I was drawing lightly on the question that I had presented myself with when last I had watched Larry-boy and the Rumor Weed. I know, what kind of story could I draw from a kids show, right? The question I was wondering was this: what would it have been like if Bumblyburg had succumbed to the weed and worshiped it? The idea stayed with me for some time, but it wasn’t until I watched Silent Hill that I was presented with the reality of what happened in Dacatus, and how I could write it in such a way as to duplicate the image I had created for myself.

And so was born Susur’ration of the Erbe, which I have since shortened to simply Whispers.

I have, as you will find, already uploaded the introduction so as to give a sneak peak, as it were, into the story before my first official release. The first chapter will follow this Friday, the 11th of February. Look for it then!