August 12th, Dear Marie

August 12, ‘89

Dear Marie,
I miss you soo much! It seems like it has been forever since I last saw you. It HAS been forever! I wish you could come and stay with me here in Summit. It’s very nice in the summer. The mountains here are not like back home; they are close, and so big that they make you feel really small. And in the spring there is always water flowing and birds singing, and insects, and sometimes I go up to the falls in the mountains and I jump off the bridge there and swim in the river. It’s really nice! I think you would like it.
Well, it’s only nine days till your birthday. Aren’t you excited? I’ll put your present in the mail this evening. Will be late, I’m afraid. That’s my fault for not finding it sooner, I guess. But I hope you like it!
I hope the Parsons have been nice to you. You make sure that they are, and if they aren’t you write me and let me know right away. I want to know, okay?
You write to me right away when you get this; it takes so long for your letters to get to me, and I do miss you so. And please, would you tell Mrs. Parsons that my check is in the mail?
I love you soo much, Marie!
With love,
Your father,
J Leon

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